Tech giant HP is planning to install 3,000 more self-driving cars in its workforce in 2019

HP has agreed to pay $3.6 billion in a deal to buy out the liability of a California auto maker for self-parking accidents.

The deal is part of an ongoing push by the company to get more people on the road with self-driven cars.

The deal with Self-Parking Inc. will cost HP about $3,600 per employee.HP is now the second-largest carmaker in the world, behind General Motors, and the company said last week that it would invest $7 billion in self-drive technology over the next decade.

Self-driving technology has made cars safer and more efficient, but it’s still not as commonplace as the self-balancing technology that the company used in its cars, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A few self-propelled vehicles already exist, and many carmakers are moving toward automated driving systems, but self-car sales have been slow.HP has said it will invest about $30 billion in autonomous technology by 2021.