What you need to know about a new door installation in Melbourne

A new door is about to get its first install at Melbourne’s West End, as part of the City of Melbourne’s Vision 2025 project.

The project is aimed at reducing noise levels in areas around the city, and is part of Vision 2025, the city’s ambitious plan to reduce noise pollution, with a focus on the East West Link.

The new installation will be one of several that will be installed in Melbourne, and will also help reduce the city centre’s noise by about 20 per cent.

As part of this project, Melbourne will be installing its first “door engineer” – the first in the country.

The installation, which is expected to take six weeks to complete, will see two workers installing the door.

The workers will be wearing safety helmets and using hearing protection.

It will be the first of its kind in Australia.

A new door, which will be part of an ambitious new project to reduce the noise of West End.

Photo: David GrayBut the installation won’t be the only one of its type in Melbourne.

City planners and residents will be working to reduce air pollution in the area, which has a particularly high concentration of cars.

The City of Victoria says there are over 250 million cars in the city every day.

“We’ve had a significant reduction in vehicle emissions in the last six years,” Environment Minister Scott Emerson said.

“And that’s because of the efforts of the community, the local businesses, the public sector and the City.”

The city is working to increase the amount of parking spaces and pedestrian crossings to accommodate cars.