Indian airline gets new engine in a bid to get faster flights

In a bid for faster flights, Air India has decided to upgrade its jet engines with the latest in advanced technology.

The airline has signed an agreement with a company that will manufacture the engine in Bengaluru and it will also build an experimental aircraft to test the new technology.

In a statement on Friday, the airline said that the engine will be manufactured at its factory in Bengal, and it would be installed at the Bengaluru International Airport (BBI).

“It will be a test flight of the engine before the plane is installed in Bengal,” it said.

The deal with the Bengal based Aircraft Company (CAC) is part of an agreement to supply new engines to the airline and a number of other airlines are also in the process of acquiring new aircraft.

The deal comes amid a wave of investments in India by the world’s largest private equity firm.

Bharat-based CAC, which is in the midst of a $2 billion expansion project in India, will be the second-largest shareholder in Air India.

The company has invested in more than a dozen airlines and is in talks with several other players in the sector, including Tata Motors, Reliance Jio Infocomm, Tata Steel, Bharat Heavy Electricals and others.

The BBI, the country’s busiest airport, has a capacity of 10 million passengers a day.