Quartz installed at a railway track to avoid traffic jam

On Saturday, a Quartz engineer installed an anti-traffic system to prevent a traffic jam on a stretch of the Jammu and Kashmir highway.

The traffic jam was caused by a landslide and the contractor was unable to install a concrete slab to block the flow of traffic.

The engineer said the stone slab, made of quartz, was placed in a hole at the edge of a railway bridge near the village of Bhakt-Dukhtan on the highway.

A team of Quartz engineers and a team of engineers from the Indian Railways was brought in to remove the slab and install the concrete slab.

The contractor is also expected to construct a road bridge on the stretch of highway.

The contractor has been working on the J&K highway for a few years.

Quartz has also installed anti-static devices in several parts of the country, including Delhi, to prevent road accidents.