How to get the best performance from your Windows Phone 8.1 installation

Microsoft has been known to do something strange when it comes to Windows Phone, with the OS launching in its Windows Phone flagship device as a tablet, but that’s changed recently.

While the operating system itself hasn’t been updated for some time, the devices that have been given the upgrade are receiving the update, albeit a little late.

Windows Phone RT 8.2 is the latest release, which is currently on hold as Microsoft is working on an update to its Windows Phones operating system.

While it won’t be a complete refresh, Windows Phone is a big part of Microsoft’s ecosystem, and Microsoft is certainly working on the OS with the help of a number of partners.

Windows Phoning 8.0 and 8.3 were released in November and December respectively, but Microsoft has yet to release a full update for either of those devices.

Windows 8.x is still the default Windows Phone OS for Windows Phone devices, with Windows 8 and 8 Windows Phone 7 coming to the Windows Phone platform in 2018.

If you’ve been waiting for a full Windows Phone upgrade for some reason, this is the time to check it out.