The man who gave birth to the world’s most famous offshore wind farm is ready to sell

The man behind the world-famous offshore wind turbines in China is set to sell his company to a group led by billionaire Wang Jianlin, the newspaper reported.

Zhang Jie, 57, the chief engineer of Beijing’s Tongchuan-1 wind farm, told a local newspaper in January that he would be selling his share of the company and would not be able to continue working on the project.

The newspaper said that Wang Jianlins brother and fellow billionaire, Li Fei, had offered to buy the company.

In December, Wang said he would “consider” selling his stake, which he said was worth $100 billion.

“I would not mind selling my share,” Wang said in a statement at the time.

“It is a great business, it is a huge project.

I can’t see it going on without my share.

I am ready to consider my share if that’s the right decision.”

The announcement comes after Wang Jianliang, the owner of the Chinese state-owned companies, the state-run energy giant, and the state electricity company, announced they had reached an agreement to build the world´s biggest offshore wind turbine, Tongchwan-1.

Zhou Jie has a history of offshore wind technology that stretches back to his days at the country´s National Wind Technology Corp. (NNTC).

In 2005, he became the chairman of the NNTC, and his work has made him a major player in offshore wind projects around the world.

Zhu Li, director of the Center for Climate Change and Energy Security, said the sale of Wang Jianlian would be the first in China.

“He is an outstanding investor, who has been a leader in offshore renewable energy,” Li said.

“I think the world will be seeing a much greater role for offshore wind.”

China has been looking to make itself more attractive to international investors.

In December, China announced it would open a $50 billion wind park in the western Indian Ocean, where the country is investing a third of its offshore wind capacity.

The move is the latest sign of China´s growing interest in offshore energy, with Wang and Li among those who have long expressed interest in the technology.