Maryland police use machine to install engine immobilizers

A Maryland police officer has installed a machine that he says helps him install engine bearings to immobilize a vehicle in a collision.

Maryland State Police Sgt. Chris L. Trewin said the department uses a similar technique to a similar one used by the Baltimore Police Department, where it immobilizes cars after they are struck by a police car.

Trewin told The Associated Press on Thursday that the Maryland Department of Public Safety used a similar device to immobilizing cars in an accident last month.

Troy Williams, a spokesperson for the Maryland Public Safety Department, told AP that Trewan has not been involved in the device installation but has “used a similar method to immobilization.”

Williams said the agency’s automated systems are designed to immobilizes vehicles in the event of a collision and are “not intended to cause any harm to the occupants of the vehicle.”

Trewan said he installed the immobilizer system on a vehicle that was in the process of being towed, but it did not stop the vehicle.

The Associated Press has not independently confirmed the report.