‘I can’t even tell you the kind of pain I’m going through’ – Irish dad as he leaves his son behind after his vehicle is destroyed by the G35 engine in the US

A father from Longford, Co.

Meath, has had to deal with “pain, pain, pain” because of the damage caused by his old G35 car in the United States.

The car was driven from Longfort to New York by his son.

When he drove it, he said it “looked like a piece of scrap metal” and had “no power”.

The engine was damaged, but Mr Leach said he was able to get his son a lift home.

He said the engine was “completely damaged” and that his son was “pretty sure it’s going to kill him” and would need to have his leg amputated.

“I was able, I can’t say it’s safe but I was able in the end to get my son home safe,” Mr LeACH told RTÉ’s Six One News.

Mr Leach described the experience as “really horrible” and “heartbreaking”.

“I can only say that I’m so grateful to my family, that I can say, ‘thank you so much for your support.

You’ve really done something right, you’ve got to take some credit for this’.”

I feel really bad for my son,” he added.”

He’s a little bit traumatised, it’s the first time he’s seen anything like this.

“He said his son would be lucky to walk for a few weeks without feeling pain.

I’ve not got a cent, I’ve got nothing,” he said.””

It’s very hard.

I’ve not got a cent, I’ve got nothing,” he said.”

But I’ve had my family and friends come over and help me out with all the money that I’ve lost.”

The incident has caused an international stir.

The US National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash.