Why Apple’s iPhone 7 is still one of the best-selling smartphones of 2017

The best-seller of the year is still a hot topic.

And the iPhone 7 has already beaten all its rivals.

Apple sold just over 2 million iPhone 7s in the first 24 hours of the Apple Watch’s release, a far cry from the 4 million that were sold the first day it was released.

But the iPhone and Apple Watch have sold out quickly, and Apple has had to quickly respond to the frenzy with its usual tweaks and fixes.

Apple’s latest iPhones and Apple Watches have been selling out like crazy.

But there are still thousands of Apple Watch owners that can’t wait to see if the Apple logo appears on the new model.

Apple will start selling its next iPhone on Friday, Sept. 9.

The company will also start selling the next Apple Watch on Friday.

The new iPhone will have a new look, and the software for it will likely be tweaked to make it more secure, like the new iPhones.

It will be called iPhone X, the company said on Monday.

It is not yet clear when it will be available.