Microsoft to launch its own mobile video service with Xbox app

Microsoft is developing its own video app, according to sources familiar with the company’s plans.

The mobile video app is an extension of the Xbox Live video service, which has been available for years.

Microsoft was first approached to launch the service in 2012.

Microsoft’s initial response was to use Google’s video service.

The company then partnered with Netflix, Facebook and YouTube to launch a video app called “Xbox Live Video.”

The service was discontinued in 2016.

Microsoft recently released a Windows 10 beta of its own Xbox app, which will be made available later this year.

The app, dubbed “Xbox App,” is built to work on the Windows 10 Creators Update, which was released earlier this month.

The app is intended for Xbox 360 owners who bought the console before April 11, 2017, and are using the console for entertainment.

The Xbox app has been redesigned for a more streamlined interface.

Microsoft has added a “Games” section for video games and the ability to share your Xbox Live gaming session to your social networks.

Microsoft has also launched a new service for Xbox Live gamers, called Xbox Live Arcade, which features online multiplayer gaming for free.

Microsoft launched its own version of Xbox Live a year ago, but the service was canceled a few months later after complaints from gamers that it was too limited and lacked competition.

Microsoft recently announced plans to revive the service, but it hasn’t made an official announcement yet.