BMW to install more than 5,000 wood-burning engines in diesel-powered cars

By JOHN LUCASBORDO/Associated PressThe carmaker BMW plans to install 5,300 wood-fueled engines on its electric vehicles, up from 500 installed in 2016, the company said in a filing Wednesday.BMW has previously said it plans to add 4,400 diesel engines to its electric cars over the next five years.

The new plan will include 4,500 wood-powered engines, up slightly from the 1,500 previously planned.

The new plan is likely to be a more ambitious expansion than that of the automaker’s last diesel car project, a plan that BMW’s founder, Dieter Zetsche, announced in 2017.

Zetsche said that a diesel car was too heavy for a passenger in 2017, and BMW decided to put in wood-engines to cut the weight and improve range.BMWs plan to add more than 3,000 diesel engines in its electric vehicle lineup in 2018, including 1,200 on the i3.

The diesel engine’s capacity and range are expected to increase significantly as the electric car market matures.

The company has said it expects to build 4 million electric vehicles by 2023.